At Smart Property Manager, we offer landlords a premium property management service. Our core focus is to tend to our clients Real Estate Portfolios in a dedicated and professional manner. Here is the process of the service we provide.



No-Obligation Consultation

Our specialist property management service ensures hands-on attention to detail in all aspects of your investment. During our consultation we will provide you with information of our tailored proposal for your property. We will be sure to disclose all information about our fee structure, our marketing approach, our tenant screening methods and our day to day property management. We will also provide information to help you change management from your previous agency. 



Listing Your Property

We take on all the work here and liaise with you during the process. This includes:

  • Managing the marketing campaign. Professional photography and advertising campaigns.

  • Ensuring the property is presented well and is in rent-able condition. 

  • Running open for inspections. Seeking adequate tenants.

  • Managing property keys



Our expert team of property managers ensure there is no time wasted in leasing your property. We aim for 0 days vacancy without compromising on quality tenants. It is our job to:

  • process all applications

  • meticulously screen all applicants

  • present to you all applications

  • use our expertise and experience to advise you and help you decide on the best tenants

  • prepare and handle lease agreements


Property Management

Our team will always be proactive and think towards the future. They will always have your investment and rental return at the front of their mind when making day to day decisions. ​They will keep you informed and up to date, and will respond to you in a timely matter. The following is what you can expect from our management team:

  • Completing detailed condition reports before tenants move in

  • Arranging any maintenance needed before tenants move in

  • Arranging and handling bond payment

  • Strict management of rental payments

  • Maintaining good relationship with tenants and establishing trust and respect between all parties

  • Conflict management during tenancy (including VCAT representation if needed)

  • Organise any maintenance/repairs during tenancy

  • Assess market trends and rental assessments when necessary

  • Advise on matters, where appropriate, to ensure future financial growth

For further reading, see our blog post "What Makes a Good Property Manager?"

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