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What makes a good property manager?

A property managers job is to manage investment properties for landlords.

A good property managers job is to manage investments properties for landlords, maximise their return on investment, provide professional advise for continued future financial growth and to maintain good relationships between all parties involved.

So yes, it's much more than just ensuring your rent gets paid!

There are many risks involved in investing your money into a property. Ensuring you have a good property manager on your side is essential to protect your future.

The following are reasons as to what makes a good property manager (and a Smart Property Manager!)

1. A Smart Property Manager will know how to maximise your return on investment

A Smart Property Manager will always ensure that rent is at market price. They will be following market trends and re-assessing the rent of your property when necessary.

Smart Property Managers will always aim for 0 days vacancy without compromising on the quality of tenants.

A Smart Property Manager will always be proactive and think towards the future. They will always have your investment and rental return at the front of their mind when making day to day decisions.

"Here at Smart Property Manager, we go out of our way to ensure satisfaction. Our director, David Melatti, has been known to go out himself to properties where there has been maintenance issues to lend a hand and get his hands dirty. Maintaining happy tenants and landlords is the forefront of our business."

2. A Smart Property Manager will provide professional advice to ensure continued future financial growth

Property managers will advise landlords when there is maintenance that is worth carrying out to maintain the property in a good condition.

When there are maintenance issues to be seen to, a property manager will save you time by gathering quotes from multiple sources. Or better yet, they will already have a list of tried and trusted professionals to contact straight away.

A Smart Property Manager will help you to space out all non-urgent maintenance issues throughout the year, so to space out the bills as well!

3. A Smart Property Manager will maintain great relationships

A Smart Property Manager will maintain great relationships with tenants, landlords, body corps and service people.

Maintaining a good relationship with tenants will create trust and respect between all parties. Tenants will be more likely to maintain the property, report any issues as soon as they arise and pay their rent on time.

Creating and maintaining relationships with those conducting works on the property will ensure things run smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, a good Property Manager will take care of all the tough tasks, and reduce the stress and money involved in property investment. They will respond to you in a timely manner and ensure you are up to date with anything regarding your property.

Smart Property Manager is a boutique Melbourne Property Management business. Our specialist property management service ensures hands-on attention to detail in all aspects of your investment.

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