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3 Useful Tips for an Exceptional Rental Application

The 2016 Census showed that Australia's rental population is growing. The process of renting a property is becoming more and more competitive. And depending on circumstances, some people are finding it next to impossible to beat others and make their rental application stand out.

We've put together our top tips for an exceptional rental application and how you can make your rental application stand out from the crowd! No more disheartening phone calls from Property Managers saying you've been rejected again. This is your time!

Tip 1 - First Impressions

First impressions start before you fill out your rental application. An open for inspection is the Property Managers first chance to gather information about you (yes, they take notes!)

First things first, be well presented. Dress as if you are going to a job interview.

Be polite. Shake the Property Managers hand, make eye contact and generally be friendly!

Do not be late! Late to your property inspection suggests you're not organised and maybe in the future you'll pay your rent late too. It's such a small thing, but given today's saturation of people applying for properties, it is those small things that could be the deciding factor. (Tip: If you are running late, express you apologies in a text message or phone call before you arrive).

Communicate clearly with the Property Manager. If you are very interested in the property then make that clear. Tell them you will be filling in the application as soon as you arrive home.

You want to come across as reasonable with the Property Manager, rather than appearing demanding.

Tip 2 - Your Rental Application

Rental applications can be long and complicated, but the more detail you provide the better chance you have. Make sure to fill out all of the application, leaving no questions unanswered.

If any of your answers are complicated, make sure to give a clear explanation.

You should fill out the application on the day that you inspect the property. It shows how keen and organised you are. And reduces the chance of someone else being accepted before you.

Try to show your personality during the application process, but by still being professional. If you're a couple, maybe add in briefly how you met and how long you have been together.

If there are any discrepancies in your application, like low paid incomes or breaks in your rental history, it is best advised that you provide a clear description of these discrepancies. It will not help you by not bringing attention to these. Property Managers are investigators; they will find your skeletons!

Tip 3 - Providing Supporting Information

Supporting information are documents that you attach to your application. They may include references, bank statements etc.

If you do not have a rental history and cannot provide a reference, get a personal or employment reference. A personal reference can be someone who has known you your whole like (not your mum!)... someone unrelated. Get them to write and sign a reference stating how long they have known you, your relationship and why they believe you would be a great tenant. You should gather this information before inspecting properties, so you are ready to go when you apply. (Top tip: if you do have a rental reference, it can't hurt to add in a great personal reference too!)

Make sure to tell your references that you are applying for a rental application and that they should expect a phone call. That way they are not caught off guard and are ready to rave about you!

If you have a pet, it is recommended that you provide a reference that can speak on the behavior of the pet. This could be from doggy day care, dog walker, the vet or a grooming facility, or at the very least, from friends.

( Are you noticing a trend? The more information, the better! )

When asked to provide pay slips to prove your income, go one step further and provide bank statements that demonstrate your spending patterns and saving capabilities.

What to do if you are denied

We recommend asking the Property Manager for feedback on your application and why it was that you were denied. The Property Manager is under no obligation to tell you, but if they do it can be helpful to know for your next application.

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