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HOW TO: Create a Perfect Tenancy Application

Many tenants often voice these concerns:

"What do the manager and landlord think of my application?"

"Why does my application often get rejected?"

"How can I make my application stand out from others?"

"What do other applicants offer that I don't?"

If you've ever caught yourself asking these sorts of questions, fear no more, you've come to the right place

We’re sharing our top five tips

Our senior property manager, Helmut, says:

“An application can be accepted or rejected for a variety of reasons. Often, a property manager will have a handful of paper-perfect prospective tenants to choose from, so the matter really comes down to the nitty gritty: references, rental history, and so on.”

1. Complete all aspects of your application.

All information is required on an application - try not to submit an incomplete application, as incomplete applications are usually given less attention than those which are properly completed.

If the property is perfect, why not apply then and there at the inspection?

In order to do this, you’ll need:

- A entirely COMPLETED application (this includes all future housemates’ applications too)

- Photocopies of your ID

- Proof of employment

- Personal references

- Pet references (if necessary. More handy hints for pets to come!)

Helmut also suggests making your application stand out by providing a cover letter for your application - a bit more history on yourself, your hobbies (especially if you enjoy gardening or other household-maintenance chores!), etc.

"This makes a prospective tenant appear more relatable than they would otherwise appear on an application form. Also, advising your references to expect a call from a property manager saves us a lot of time and explaining; you'd be surprised how often a person’s references have no idea that they're even applying for a property!"

2. First impressions count!

This is incredibly important. Consider: if you were the property manager with two identical applications, who would you choose?

  • The applicant(s) that were on time, well spoken, organised, and respectful;

  • or

  • The applicant(s) that dash in the door 10 minutes late (inspections usually only last 15 minutes), scruffy (i.e. - ugg boots/track pants, last night’s makeup), and disrespectful to the leasing agent/the property.

Helmut’s advice for inspections?

“Make yourself known to the property manager from the get-go, introduce yourself and chat about the property. This makes us realise you have genuine interest in the property, and helps put a face to the name when going through applications.”

3. Be honest

Everything ends up coming out of the woodwork. Don’t omit the fact you have a pet, don’t ‘round up’ your salary, etc. If you have a gap or black spot in your resume, be honest about it. If you receive government assistance/benefits, make a note of this and your fortnightly payments.

4. Follow up on your application.

Give the property manager a call after about 48 hours. This gives you a chance to further increase your impression on the manager, and just might help push your application to the top!

5. If you have a pet, submit a ‘pet reference’

If you have a pet, this is a great idea. We recommend you mention a pets:

- Type (dog/cat etc.)

- Age

- Breed

- Lifestyle (indoor vs outdoor, active vs couch potato, etc.)

- Training or level of obedience and temperament

- Recommendations - previous managing agents who've had a stress free tenancy from you and your pet are great! Vets can also be great references.

- And of course, your favourite snap of your pet!

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