COVID19 Update:

Subject: COVID19 Update


Dear Landlords,


As you all may be aware of the extreme measures the government are taking to minimise the spread of COVID 19. Smart Property Manager has been monitoring this progress and determining the impact it would have on not only our company but also your investment properties.


Due to the current COVID-19 crisis we have decided to take action in trying to keep all of our tenants safe as well as ourselves. We understand this may be an inconvenience but from here onwards we have decided to take the following action:

  • All routine inspections have been suspended until further notice, we will continue to monitor properties but will not be entering the premises. We will have tenants take photos, we will make an itemised list of the things we require of maintenance.


  • We will be asking tenants if they are financial duress and will be providing them links with to government websites to assist them with paying their rent, tenants may be asking for rent reductions so be prepared as you may hear from us in relation to this.


  • All landlords need to look into their landlord insurance urgently! Check your policies are up to date.


  • All properties that are up for lease will be on hold until the properties are vacant, we will be looking into Virtual reality tours of the properties, and we are currently obtaining quotes. We believe this is a positive step forward into the future, even if you don’t see the value of it now you will be able to use it for future leasing and if you wish to sell it is a massive advantage as many properties are starting to use virtual tours.



If you are directly affected by COVID-19 we are completely sympathetic and have a few links that may be able to help, please see below:

Employer Guide:

The Second Stage of the Federal Government’s Economic Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic:




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